Our pharmacists and their teams provide a wide range of pharmacy and clinical services...

Advice services

Some medicines must be taken in the right way to get the benefit. At O'Brien's Pharmacy we offer a range of services providing advice about how to take your medicines properly and get the benefit.

Medicines services

Pharmacists are the medicines experts so you won't be surprised to find that O'Brien's Pharmacy offer a comprehensive range of services to provide you with the best pharmaceutical care possible.

Drug misuse services

Managing drug misuse is an important part of many people's lives and we work with local key workers to support our patients who need to access these vital services.

Supply services

There are a range of different ways in which we can help you get your medicines when you need them. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have specific needs and we'll aim to help.

How to access our services...


You can literally walk in to any of our pharmacies and access the services they provide there and then. That's what makes us special. You can find your nearest O'Brien's Pharmacy by clicking on the button below.

Book in advance

If you know exactly when you want to come in and see us you can book in advance so that we know how we can help. Just click on the button below and let us know the details of how we can help.