What type of prescription do you have?

Prescription collection

If you are on regular prescription medicines each month from your GP O'Brien's Pharmacy can help.


Order your repeat prescriptions below and we will collect them, dispense them and deliver them to your home.

Repeat dispensing

If your condition and medication is stable your GP may choose to give you up to 12 months worth of prescriptions at once. This is called Repeat Dispensing and is a free NHS service.


When you have your 'batch' of prescriptions we can store them for you and dispense them each month.

Electronic prescriptions

Your GP can now send your prescription from their computer to ours, saving time and paper. Nominate our pharmacy to dispense your medicines by clicking on the button below or speak to our pharmacy team and we'll arrange everything else. You can then order your prescriptions as normal.


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Sign up for collection and delivery or order your prescription...


We need your permission to collect and deliver your prescriptions for you. Click on the button below to sign up. If you have already signed up in one of our pharmacies or online you don't need to do this again.

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If you receive your prescriptions electronically let us know. Click on the button below and tell us your details. If you have already let us know in one of our pharmacies or online you don't need to do this again.

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When you are ready you can place your prescription order. Tell us the details of the medicines on your prescription and we'll do the rest. Your browser should save your personal details the first time you place an order. Click on the button below and place your order.